Why Do We Need Short-Term Apartments?

Why Do We Need Short-Term Apartments?

May 8, 2019 Off By Agustin Herrera

Short terms apartments are those apartments where we go and live for a short period of time. The stay can rely on the work that we have in the specific city. Sometimes, it last for a week and sometimes it takes a little longer time and lead to a month or may be more. It all depends upon the reason that lead us to stay there.

We need accommodation even if we are going to some place for a week. If we are a group of people and can share room or apartment then t is preferable to rent 2-bedroom apartments here. The reason behind is that it is comparatively affordable than rooms in a hotel. It also has everything which includes the basic things like kitchen which is in a working condition, bed rooms in good condition, a balcony, dining table, towels, beds, sofa, tv, DVD and all the basic things available which we use on daily basis.

Liv Sydney Apartments:

Liv Sydney offers everything to the guests so that they can live without any worries. We offer serviced apartment Haymarket. People come to us for short term accommodations. Following are their reasons for stay in Liv Sydney.


Multi national organisations often arrange conferences in different countries and cities. As Sydney is the main hub of attractions, people like to hold their conferences here. They invite group of people from all around the world. They arrange stay of some people in hotels where people who are managing the whole conference come to the hosting city a week prior as they have to see all the arrangements. So, they like to stay in an apartment.


Some employees work on contract basis. Specially auditors, architects and software engineers. Companies hire them on contract basis and they go there for a short living. The stay could be 6-8 months long. They need an apartment where they can feel like home so services apartments are a best option for them to live for a shorter time period. They get all the facilities of kitchen, laundry everything in their access. They do not have to rely on outside services which is a great option for them.

Meeting Kids:

It is also a common practice. Parents send their kids abroad for studies. Their kids live in hostels. Parents have this thing in mind that when they will go to attend the convocation, they will see the city as it is not easy to go there every now and then. Travelling is expensive. They want to make the most of this visit.

If you are looking for accommodation is Sydney which is affordable as well as fully furnished, come in touch with Liv Sydney. We offer you best options.