Visual Merchandising Tips You Need To Know

Visual Merchandising Tips You Need To Know

June 17, 2019 Off By Agustin Herrera

Capturing a customer’s attention is everything when it comes to establishing yourself in the competitive market. The more you are able to generate their interest and attention, the more you sell. Therefore, today many businesses use various methods to promote and sell their products. Of these visual merchandising is growing more and more in its impact due to the various methods adapted by these businessmen. So here are some tips you need to know when trying to make sure of visual merchandising yourself. 


When items to be on display are grouped together based on colour, price, type or even size they capture a customer’s attention more than a couple unconnected things arranged about. There needs to be a connection or bond between these items on display and should be able to tell a story to ignite the customer’s imagination. While you can always gain more attention to the store in general through retail signage Hobart this form of merchandising works better especially if it is retail store selling products like clothes, toys and whatnot. To gain the most of this tip though, remember to limit the grouping to items of 3.

Touch the senses

There is no better way to increase customer interest on your products than being able to connect with them by igniting the senses. So starting from the point which they enter to the store to till they leave, the way things are presented to them should be able to connect in deeper level. Play music with softer beats to reduce the rush and pace the customers may feel when shopping or play some of the most popular and recent songs, pay attention to the way lighting is placed as well to direct customer eyes to even some of the most expensive products. If you are selling food then it helps to offer samples too in a stand with good led display boards.

Make it Instagram worthy

Everything today is about being Instagram worthy, from the contrasting sceneries to interesting arrangements and details, anything that is Instagram worthy would definitely get the attention that it’s looking for. So when you are arranging your store, put yourself in the shoes of an influencer or simple Insta Fanatic and try to look at things from a new point of view. If it meets your expectations as these persons, then you have definitely nailed your store design and styling.