Hospitality Is Serving Them Better

May 27, 2019 Off By Agustin Herrera

Suppose you go to a wedding, and feel isolated with no proper one to talk to. There is no one to greet you hi and you get no proper invitation to serve yourself the lunch. How will you feel then? You will definitely come out of the place because there was no proper hospitality in there. But, mind this. Hospitality is not just smiling to a guest and letting him feel welcomed. If it is an event, the level of the temperature maintained by the air conditioner, the sound level of the speakers used and even the tastes of food and beverages show hospitality in real sense. Because, hospitality is an experience and everything mentioned above has something to do with this experience. We say out of all factors, what you serve as food or drinks do matter a big time when it comes to hospitality. Suppose you host a party and order food from a Japanese restaurant Chapel Street. Japanese food generally has Sashimi dishes in it, and generally they are of thinly sliced pieces of raw fish or meat.

You take this dish to a crowd of elderly guests, and guess what, all your good efforts to provide them the best hospitality will all go in vain. Because, they may take not being served what they like as a mark of poor hospitality, and you will not be able to take this bad experience away no matter what you do thereafter. Here, the way you serve food is also important because some people out there consider serving their own selves as a disgrace done to them. So make sure, if you invite such close minded people to one of your events, have a catering service in, and have serving people in the crew.

After all, showing that you have the expected hospitality with you is the key in here. Also, suppose you host a business gathering where hospitality should be a top priority and then after the business talks and formal procedures, you have no bar arranged. Yes, it is always nice to have a group of sober people after a discussion, but having a cocktail or an open bar is a requisite now a days when it comes to a business gathering. Having no bar, is taken as showing less hospitality and this can eventually break off business ties the businesses have with their partners and clients. Even if you have a bar at your event, make sure that it is not so distantly located to where you had the function, because some people also think that having to walk miles for a bar is a disgrace, and then they often mingle that with hospitality again. Click here for more info on bar Prahran.