Farzan Siddiqui, MD, PhD


Farzan Siddiqui, MD, PhD
IBPRO Faculty

Senior Staff Physician and Director of Head & Neck Oncology
Department of Radiation Oncology
Henry Ford Health System

Clinical Assistant Professor
Wayne State University School of Medicine
Detroit, MI

Research Projects/Interests
Dr. Siddiqui completed a Ph.D. in radiation biology at Colorado State University then completed his radiation oncology residency in 2010, taking a position at Ohio State University and establishing their first radiation biology teaching course for radiation oncology residents. Dr. Siddiqui is currently involved with clinical research in head and neck cancers and adaptive radiation therapy, and a gene-therapy trial for recurrent head and neck cancers. He has published >20 peer-reviewed articles. He also teaches in the clinical oncology and radiation biology courses for current radiation oncology residents. His strong background in radiation biology and interest in teaching will allow him to contribute significantly to the education of future radiation oncologists by exposing them to basic sciences and the radiobiological foundations of clinical radiation oncology.