Bill McBride, PhD, DSc

Bill McBride

Bill McBride, PhD, DSc
IBPRO Faculty

Department of Radiation Oncology
Center Health Sciences
Los Angeles, CA

Research Projects/Interests
Dr. McBride started his career as an immunologist before transitioning to radiation biology. His view of radiation effects have therefore been colored by his immunological interests. His research passions revolve around how radiation damage translates into inflammation and immunity and how the balance within the immune system can dictate responses in normal and cancerous tissues during radiation therapy. He is P.I. of one of the 4 Centers for Medical Countermeasures against Radiation (CMCR) that aims to develop mitigators of normal tissue damage of value for treatment of patients who are exposed to ionizing radiation as a result of a radiological incident and that might be of clinical utility in Radiation Oncology. He has had a long career of educating residents and graduate students in radiobiology and, if e-mailed at can provide a course of teaching powerpoint slides.

Career Highlights
Recipient of Failla Award Gold Medal from Radiation Research Society,
2003, with lecture on ³A Sense of Danger from Radiation² and ASTRO Gold Medal 2010.